Long grind yesterday…

Whattup Ya’ll???

Did a long grind sess yesterday. Started at 10am and didn’t stop till 5am…
Deep runs in many, followed by 1 or 2 mincashes and the “climatic finish”.

The “CF”, was the last MTT of the session, $11 cubed, was 3 handed at the FT (final table) slight CL, QQ on button.
My image was switched up from TAG (tight aggressive) to opening every hand and 3betting a ton once we got 3 handed.
I 2.1x the QQ and get the big blind to come along. Flop J82hh, villian cks, I bet half, he ck raises 2.5x and I ship.
He calls and shows J7hh with top pair and flush draw, turn hits the 7 and its GG me.
Would’ve been nice to cap that marathon with a bink, but sometimes it doesn’t always end up a hollywood ending 😉

So, I’m not letting that deter me from my quest of getting my Johnski, hmmm, lemme explain. Drew (Drewpeacoq8), had 2 binks in 1 day last week, so I dubbed it a “Drewski”, being the competitive guy that I am, wanted to go 1 better and get 3 binks in a day, a la “Johnski”. Let’s see how this pans out and hopefully I can bang that out before the end of the year 😀

Stay steady binking fellow grinders and don’t give up the passion!!



  1. nice finish man! I like ending the night on a good note, congrats on the third 🙂 I hope we have a “FMski” when you bink 3 in 1 day. I’ll be happy and ready to try the 4 in 1 day! haha

  2. Well the problem is the 4 in a day will be called a DONSKI. so drew the problem is you have to get 5 HMMM this is getting tuff. LOL very nice finish man. That is how BOD represents. YOu can not shut us out.

  3. Lol….so what’s a “BODSKI”??? Seriously, I’m happy with 1 bink at this point in time, haha

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