bodbreakdown1 hand and the players thoughts.  The thoughts can be random, crazy, standard, or non-standard, but they are nonetheless other players thoughts, so there are numerous ways to gain value.  Feel free to submit your “BetOnDrew Breakdown” hand to and usually, as long as the thoughts are somewhat fluent, we will be happy to share them with the poker community.


This breakdown is brought to you by John “DrewPeacoq8″ (@DrewPeacoq8).


Best Bet Poker Room in Jacksonville, FL.  $2/$5 cash game.  Main Villain has ~$560 and Hero has  ~$1600.


There was a straddle for $10 utg, 5 callers including me in the SB with A6dd.  The UTG Straddle with the option decides to make it $20 and it calls around to the BB who now makes it $40 (lol) – Everyone calls again and we see a flop.  Pot is ~$200.  Flop comes A67, rainbow.  I check, thinking I’m ahead, but expecting a bet from the BB, which will help me figure out where other players in the hand are at.  I do think there will be some drawing hands that hit this board and some Ax hands as well.  These are the only hands I expect to continue here (That I have beat), and maybe occasionally the stubborn middle pair above 7’s (Depending on the action).  The original straddler (main villain) leads for $120, bigger spanish dude calls, and I call.  Pot is ~$560.  I’m not worried about the spanish guy calling behind here, they aren’t getting tricky with a set, but the original straddler with this sizing seems to be real polarized.  They either have a monster (less likely considering flop texture, and sizing), or nothing, so I think calling makes the most sense.  The turn is a Jack, no backdoor flush draw came in.  I think and decide to check, and both players check behind me.  This leads me to believe I’m definitely ahead on this turn.  The River is a Ten.  I decide to bet $175 and the original straddler moves in for another $225.  The other players folds, and it’s on me.  The plan with my sizing was to bet the river for value and fold to further action.  Given my sizing against main villains stack size, I think they are never shoving in the rest here, with not much assumed Fold Equity, with any hands that I beat.  I fold. BODtwoprriver  Villain was kind enough to show because I tanked on the river and claimed I folded a set.  I knew I was folding, but in live poker there are other elements you can manipulate to get information from your opponents – Acting like you are folding a monster is just one way.

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