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This breakdown is brought to you by John “DrewPeacoq8” (@DrewPeacoq8).


Best Bet Poker Room in Jacksonville, FL.  $2/$2 cash game. $250 stacks ($200 max) for both Villain and Hero.


I limp AA UTG, there are 3 limpers behind me, and the BTN makes it $12.  The BTN was an aggressive recreational player.  They would raise their suited connected hands to $7 preflop to pump up the pot incase they hit a big draw, $12 with their stronger broadway cards, and premiums were made $17 preflop to “protect” and build up a pot.  This is a common bet sizing strategy I’ve seen a bunch of aggressive recreational players implement in live poker.  With that said, this is the type of player you want to be able to get the best of because they typically make the biggest mistakes, unlike the nits and fish who will continue to forfeit small pots to you.  I make it $32, they call.  Flop is 248r and I check, then he checks.  Ace on the turn and I bet out $20 (pot ~$73), he makes it $65 total.  I think for a bit and go allin for another ~$150 on top and then went into death stare mode.  I don’t normally do this, but I thought against this type of player it would mess with them and force them into a mistake.  I did also check the flop after limp/re raising preflop, so I’m pretty confident this player has to be a bit confused.  What am I representing here anyway?  He thinks for a bit, and seems real troubled (good thing I was staring at him so I noticed, lol), but considering he didn’t snap fold I knew he had to have something.  It gets to a point where it looks like he is about to fold, so I make a last ditch effort to keep him in and I pretend to muck my hand – Basically I’m saying “You won’t call” by doing this.  He then takes only a few more seconds and then seems to make a confident “I CALL”. BODjaxhand


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