I got to play in some WSOPC events recently and was involved in a very interesting hand with a couple of other aggressive players.  Here is the setup:

Aggressive young guy with about 40k in chips limps UTG + 1, folds to me in CO and I limp (good image, not getting to crazy since I’ve had a 20-25bb stack all day) with 77 and 26k chips, aggressive guy on button with about 80k makes it 4400 (blinds are 800/1600) and it folds back to initial limper.  He thinks for a bit and calls the 4400 and it’s back on me.  I think for a bit here and try to make sense of this situation…

I have 3 options here, Fold/Call/Raise.  So I took my time and thought about it.

-If I Fold here, I lose nothing else but my 1600 and move on to the next hand.

-If I Call here, I have to play this pot as the short stack in between 2 bigger stacks.  Most of the time I will not hit my set and there will be at least 1 over, so I’m not in a favorable position and really can’t put the big stack behind me on a hand… especially because I knew he was capable of this raise with a wide range.  I’m probably folding to most flops…

-If I raise here, I can potentially take down the dead money in the pot or at least get some isolation for a potential flip and maybe a nice double up.  So in deciding on this option I had to try and further range my opponents… I really didn’t put the initial limper on much of a hand as they limped and then just flatted OOP.  I’m fairly certain this player is on some small pair and set mining.  It’s really all that makes sense from his spot.  Knowing this player is weak I have to decide how strong I think the aggressive player behind me is.  Knowing they could be opening a wider range as discussed before, this looks like a perfect spot to squeeze and hopefully end the hand right here.  Question is tho, do I have enough FE (Fold Equity) in this spot to make the squeeze play work?  Looking back at the stacks the initial limper would have to call off about another 60% of their stack and the big stack behind is not going to assume me weak here and with 1 behind him, it makes it super tough for them to call much for even 20-25% of their stack (hence the squeeze concept)…

I decide that the Raise all in option here can work enough times and fairly certain will work this time… so I jam it.  The Big stack in position doesn’t think too long and folds (phew), and then the initial limper thinks for a couple of minutes and reluctantly folds (or it seemed by his facial expression).  Considering the fact I had been playing relatively tight and waiting for some good spots (like this one), I decided to show my 77… hoping I can continue to play pretty solid and get paid off later when someone remembers this aggressive move.  The initial limper had 88…

  Later I had AQdd in CO against a tight player who had just raised to 4k from the same blind level (800/1600) in HJ seat.  I had about 30k in play after calling the 4k.  I decided to just call here because I had position and knew if I 3bet and they shoved I’d be in a tough spot and also if I keep the pot down I can play position against this opponent better.  It folds around and is just us to the flop.  Flop comes Kd10d5s.  So I’ve got a Royal Flush draw… Raiser fires out 4k again at this pot.  He’s got about the same stack as me… prob about 35k.  I think and know of my options Fold/Call/Raise, I’m already NOT folding here.  So, I have to decide what’s the best way to play it.  I think a call here is too weak considering my hand strength.  Again here the best option for me is raise, but to what amount is the next question???  I’m facing a 4k bet into a 9k pot about and I have 30k behind… hmm… I decide that I can of course just shove this here, but I took that thought back and thought it would look to obvious I’m on a draw there…  So, I decided I’m committing to this hand but in a different way.  I raise it up to 11k (planning to call an all-in) but I figure this bet looks super strong and more like I’m fishing for value here vs shoving my draw.  Initial Raiser thinks for a bit and folds.  We move on and don’t talk much until the next day after they are out.  I decided to ask him what he had there since he was out and he told me he had AK.  I honestly didn’t think they were that strong there, especially since they folded.  After some discussion I told him I had AQdd and he was like “damn!”.  He said that he folded because he thought I mighta hit a set… He said if I shoved he was calling!  It was quite refreshing to hear this from him, and definitely re assured me of my decision.

  Now this is at the same table for this hand where I had AKhh.  Big difference here tho is I have 120k (just took out that big stack aggro guy from earlier with AA to his KK) and we are at 1.5k/3k AND we are 1 person away from ending day 1, and 1 from the money!

So we have a short stack who’s been waiting for his hand UTG + 1 who shoves all in for his last 21k.  Then it folds around to an avg stack who flats the 21k and leaves about 25k behind.  It gets to me then in the SB with my AKhh.  Again, faced with another decesion.  I know I want to get in this hand… especially since the one guy flatted half his stack which is usually 1 of 2 things – 1)  Some pair like 99-JJ 2) AJs+/AQ+.  So in this spot on the bubble and with chips, I decided to re-shove all in and apply pressure to the guy who only flatted half their stack.  I don’t want to play a 3 way pot with AKhh in this spot, and since they just flatted, I assumed weakness.

This player then has to decide on whether he wants to get the rest of his stack in, on the bubble and with 1 other person all in… it was quite a crazy dynamic going on.  The guy calls the floor over and asks if he calls and other guy goes out, does he make the money… blah blah blah.  Director says, “I can’t comment” but there are 55 players left and 54 get paid.  This player thinks and thinks and then folds… showing QQ.  I end up losing the race against 99.  Looking back I think the QQ flat there is a terrible play and then to fold it.  This player just left themselves open by not reshoving.  That’s poker tho!


That’s really it.  I ended up going out 12th out of 477 when I got 3 outted twice with AQ to A8 and KQ to lose my 350k stack at last 2 tables.  🙂

I will be playing WSOPC again in Atlantic City in a month or so, so I’m excited and hope to run better down the stretch!

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