bodbreakdownThis is going to be a new running series where we share 1 hand and the players thoughts.  The thoughts can be random, crazy, standard, or non-standard, but they are nonetheless other players thoughts, so there are numerous ways to gain value.  Feel free to submit your “BetOnDrew Breakdown” hand to and usually, as long as the thoughts are somewhat fluent, we will be happy to share them with the poker community

This breakdown is brought to you by BOD member Corey “iceman57” CresenziCorey can be regularly found playing $2/$5 cash games in Florida.
Best Bet Casino in Jacksonville, FL.  2/5 NL full table. – buy in 200-500.
Everyone is sitting $500+ on the button with k4s.  folded to mp1 who opens to $15 and we have 6 going to flop. Flop comes out K 4 9 two hearts.  Checked around to hero on button who bets out $50 into roughly $100.  Everyone folds to the Asian sitting to hero direct right.  This type of player has been seen playing 2/5 and 5/10 mainly and is a regular in the games.  He is a bit loose and has shown aggression or looking people up lightly (calling light) in the past.  The turn comes out A of hearts and villain checks.  Hero thinks for a moment and checks back.  When the hero checks back here he is under-repping his hand a lot.  It is very hard for anyone to put him on the following type hands – (flush, set, two pair, etc) because it is being under repped and looks alot like Kx type hands (kj, kq, etc) or 9x type hands.  This creates the villian thinking that his top pair type hands are good in this spot and can fire out any river.  River comes offsuit 3 and villian fires out $75 into $200 pot.  This creates an easy call on the river.  Villain flips over AJ for pair of aces and hero scoops up the pot.
What this comes down to is scare cards.  Just because the flush comes out doesn’t mean that I am always beat on the river when he leads into me.  If you break the hand out step by step, and think about (since he is a thinking player) what my hand range looks like to him (basically what he puts the hero on) then my hand range appears a lot wider than what my calling range really is here.   Yes, the way he played the hand it is possible that he had a flush.  Also, with the way the hand was played out and with the hero’s appeared range, this creates the villains range to be a lot wider, and since the hero’s range is actually tighter than appeared since he is under-repping his hand, there are a lot of river cards that you can make the call with.
Thanks for sharing your thoughts with the poker community Corey. 
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