bodbreakdownThis is going to be a new running series where we share 1 hand and the players thoughts.  The thoughts can be random, crazy, standard, or non-standard, but they are nonetheless other players thoughts, so there are numerous ways to gain value.  Feel free to submit your “BetOnDrew Breakdown” hand to and usually, as long as the thoughts are somewhat fluent, we will be happy to share them with the poker community


This breakdown is brought to you by BOD member Corey “iceman57″ Cresenzi (@Corey5775)Corey can be regularly found playing $2/$5 cash games in Florida.
Best Bet Casino in Jacksonville, FL.  $2/$5 NL full table. – buy in 200-500.
Sat down at a new table, guy sitting UTG + 1 (has his chips in the rack like he is getting up to go when the blinds hit him, and appears to be up 1.5x buyins, younger looking kid wearing a hoodie) opens to $15 2 callers and folded to me in the BB with 107cc.  I call.  The flop comes out to be 10s 3c 4c. We go to the flop 4 handed.  Checked to the preflop raiser who bets out for $25 into $60ish.  Folded around to the hero, he calls.  The turn brings out a 4s.  Hero checks and the villain snap checks back too.  The river brings out the 7h and the pot is around $110ish.  Hero thinks for a few and leads out for $65. Villain takes a quick minute or so before acting while playing with a few chips and then raises it to $200.  Before deciding my plan of action, I run through my head what type of hands could the villain be “value raising” here with that he snap checks back on a 4s.  56s was the only hand that I could come up with but he would bet the turn or at least think for a minute before snap checking back, as well as I don’t feel that this hand is in his EP raising range.  Other hands would include A10, K10, flush draws, or pocket pairs for his range here; however, since he does snap check back the turn I don’t feel he has A10 or K10 that often or (over pairs) since he would be trying to either get me off of a flush draw or value from my 10x hands so this brings his range back down to middle pocket pairs or CoreyBODbusted flush draws.  The hero makes the call and the villain flips over KQs for a busted flush draw.

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