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Also known as Leandro by his friends and peers, this poker player can be found grinding tournaments on Pokerstars under the alias “Leopiojo”.  We were lucky enough to not only find out about the impressive run Leandro is on, but also to catch up with him and ask a few questions about his recent run.


1 – Are you a full-time or part-time  poker player and where are you from?  Im in Argentina, and a fulltime poker player since 10 months ago.
2 – You seem to be having a good month.  How much are you up?  Definitely this is one of my best months ever therefore im so happy for that.  My upswing is about  13800 usd.
3 – What is a typical week like for you and where does poker fit in?  Well, Currently from Monday to Friday I use to split my day in 2 parts.  From 10am to 11:30am I try to go do some exercises like running, after that I have my dinner and from 1pm I start playing MTTs from 11 to 55 usd BIs.
4 – What are your plans moving forward with poker?  My plan is to continue studying and improving my game to feel comfortable playing mtts from 33 to 109 and I wanna participate in some important live mtt like CAP (Circuito Argentino de Poker) and LAPT (Latin American Poker Tour).
5 – How do you like to get better at playing poker?  I think that is quite important to have poker friends who are fulltime players as well therefore they can make a daily call with you for about 40 or 50 minutes so they can analyze hands, see how to play them better next time, etc.  There are lots of poker items you have to know to improve you game like:  When I have to Cristoffcbet and when not, how much I should cbet, when I have to try setmining, is it the same try it IP and OOP?  To what players should I 3bet, should I call a shove at the flop regarding SPR?, etc etc.
6 – Any advice to others to help them find similar success?  If someone wants to reach a competitive online poker level should participate in forums and studying with friends for example analyzing lot of hands per day.  Always you have a contact that play better than you so be smart and learn about his/her game, ask him/her lot of question, again, be smart and not egocentric. 
7 – Do you plan to spend any of the money on yourself?  Part of them to my vacations and the rest to invest. 

8 – Any shout outs or plugs you’d like?  I want to thank Fernando Agrello, Leandro Gonzalez,  Francisco Pando, John Gonzalez and Ivan Luca.  This guys are the one who I choose to share hands and ask to improve my game daily.



Congratulations to Leandro, and thanks again for taking the time to share your story with the poker community.

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