Ace high call on river.


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This breakdown is brought to you by John “DrewPeacoq8″  (@DrewPeacoq8). 
Mohegan Sun Casino, Wilkes-Barre, PA.  $1/$2 no-limit cash game, FR.
I have been home visiting family in Pennsylvania the last few days, but managed to sneak out one night to play for a couple hours.  It was about 3a.m. when this hand took place, and we were sitting 7 handed.  The villain in question was a clearly intoxicated, younger looking gentleman.  3 hands prior to the hand I’m about to discuss, I limped AA utg (with a tight image) and re-raised the drunk younger guy (DYG, we’ll call them) from $7 to $28, and check/called 3 streets to beat their 4th pair.  They claimed after this hand they knew how I played now.  Anyway, I raise LP with AJdd and get min-raised out of the SB by DYG from $7 to $14.  It came back to me and I made the call.  I am immediately thinking they have AK, just because I assume they’d be raising bigger with primos, and just calling with all the middling type of hands they can potentially flop well with.  This is a common but very obvious sign that someone has exactly AK in these $1/$2 casino games – especially if they do it OOP.  Flop came 985d and they quickly checked, and so did I.  The turn came 8d, giving me the Nut Flush Draw, they bet $13 on the turn, and I  called (I think raising could be an option here too).  The river came a 6, putting the 1 card str8 on the board.  They bet $20 into ~$56 and then went into DEATH STARE MODE.  DEATH STARE MODE will be defined in this example as:  All of a sudden sitting very up right, staring directly at you, not moving, or responding to anything else going on around them.  This immediately made me think I wasn’t likely folding.  I have actually been working on a “live tells” write-up, and this is actually one of the things I’ve been noticing and studying… the DEATH STARE.  I did this to someone about 2 months ago at Best Bet in Jax, FL and got them to spew.  Later I asked the player about the hand, and they thought the stare was weakness, so that’s why they called.  That said, I am never going to give a drunk credit when they go into DEATH STARE MODE because they are usually just thinking it looks scary and they want to look overly confident and that they have nothing to hide, when in fact it’s usually the exact opposite.  Inexperienced players typically try to sell the opposite of what they want.  If they had been doing this every hand, it would MHSbodbe a different story, but this was a break from their normal baseline.  I ended up making the call, convincing myself at the end that they may do this with KQs as well, but also for information on the read.  I should have bluff-raised given my reads and how difficult it would be for them to call with a lot of hands on this type of river, but I made the mistake of just calling… then I lost.




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