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A Depressing Truth

Below is a post taken from @GutShotHayes blog, which can be viewed here along with his other posts - The reason I wanted to share this here is because I think it has a good message that a lot of aspiring … [Read More...]

Thirsty to give.

This past Christmas I remember sitting in front of my computer going thru social media when something that's been on my mind really hit me... "Man, I want to do something good to help people this holiday season, but what?"  I thought about the things … [Read More...]

Look at that R.A.K.! Ô¿Ô

R.A.K. = Random Act of Kindness.  I think we are given numerous opportunities thru out the course of a regular week to carry out a R.A.K., but most of the time we choose not to because it's "out of our way", or we "don't have time", and often it's … [Read More...]

Is it Story Time… is it?

I'm going to share a story with you that very few people have heard. Back in my early college years I was still dating my girlfriend from high school, who unfortunately at the time went to a college about 3.5 hrs away from mine.  Every other … [Read More...]

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Poker Strategy

Getting health value.

One of our newest sponsors has been laying down some heavy facts about getting healthier, and how most of us are slipping up.  Most poker players put too much focus on putting in a long grind session, getting out of the hole, hitting that big score, … [Read More...]

The importance of the “standard”.

This article can apply to life and poker.  My question to readers is this - How can we base what an aggressive or a passive approach is (in any situation) when we don't know what the baseline or "standard" is? To help understand this article better … [Read More...]

Time to Start Making Some Cents

I'm a very strong believer that if you have the right mindset, a relentless passion, and a well cultivated thought process, you can accomplish anything.  That being said, I think the majority of poker players today are looking for the right way to … [Read More...]

Ace high call on river.

 1 hand and the players thoughts.  The thoughts can be random, crazy, standard, or non-standard, but they are nonetheless other players thoughts, so there are numerous ways to gain value.  Feel free to submit your “BetOnDrew Breakdown” hand to … [Read More...]

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