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A Depressing Truth

Below is a post taken from @GutShotHayes blog, which can be viewed here along with his other posts - The reason I wanted to share this here is because…
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Thirsty to give.

This past Christmas I remember sitting in front of my computer going thru social media when something that's been on my mind really hit me... "Man, I want to do…
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Look at that R.A.K.! Ô¿Ô

R.A.K. = Random Act of Kindness.  I think we are given numerous opportunities thru out the course of a regular week to carry out a R.A.K., but most of the…
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Is it Story Time… is it?

I'm going to share a story with you that very few people have heard. Back in my early college years I was still dating my girlfriend from high school, who…
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